Tuesday, 14 August 2012

DOLL: Supergirl


Supergirl (Doll style)
Watercolor & india ink

Here we have an exercise that I rattled off in a night.  Please note the saturation of the colors is a tad too intense - I tried to scan the image several times, but this is the only one where the lines came out really crisp & not blurry.  It's either time for a new scanner or time to properly learn how to use one :)

This Supergirl art is based on the costume design by Michael Turner.  We miss ya, Michael!

The disclaimer:  Supergirl is © DC Comics - though I have no idea if she will revert to the creator's heirs like Superman in 2013.   Guess I have something to look into :)   <---UPDATE!  So I looked into it & it looks like the heirs shot themselves in the foot with some agreement they signed in 1992.  Lots of appeals, lots of lawyers, etc, etc - this'll be resolved in, what, the year 2095?

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