Thursday, 9 August 2012

HOLY S**T! I have a blog!

Hey, all, and welcome to my spifftacular new blog.  It's my first one so expect a little clunkiness until I figure out how this thing works :)

In the coming months, I hope to share some of my artwork, thoughts & random stuff that tickles/torments my fancy.  All comments are welcome* & encouraged as I look forward to hearing from whoever happens to stop by.  Cheers, all!

A little about me: I am a 33 year old Canadian woman who enjoys comic books, original illustration art, all things Halloween & creating my own stories & characters.  I am a devout fan of Amethyst, an old comic book published by DC (it's getting a reboot next month!  Yeah, baby!) & I have an extensive collection of original art from that series on  I also strongly believe in artist's rights & this will be evident in a few of the future posts (especially when I'm p*ssed right off!)

The entries will be divided into the following categories:
FROM THE VAULT: older art from over 10 years ago (as of posting date).
SKETCH: For those works worthy to share but won't likely make it to a finalized stage.
WIP (Work In Progress)/PROGRESSION: This is where I will update works as they advance further along.
(NAME OF CHARACTER): These entries are what I would call my "regular" style.  This is where many of my completed works will appear (pencil, paint or otherwise)
DOLL: A stylized form of drawing characters in a vaguely-super-deformed way.  Kind of.  Not really... 
CHIBI: Having been into anime for YEARS for a while there, I came to appreciate the ultimate super-deformed style of drawing & it's insanely fun!
HALLOWEEN: 'Cos I make a LOT of Halloween stuff for my own displays & for my best friend's cemetery display.
RANT: Things that are REALLY angering me/stuff I feel strongly about.

Stay tuned, more to come :)

DISCLAIMER:  All photos on this blog are used with permission.  All original artwork is copyright protected & permission MUST be asked should you wish to use any of my images/artwork.  Use of my artwork for commercial reasons is STRICTLY prohibited. 

* - I am not offering anonymous comments due to the nature of anonymous commenters.  While most are wonderful, informative & honest, there are trolls that ruin it for the bunch.  This is something I hope to avoid on this blog & apologize sincerely for any inconvenience this may cause.

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