Monday, 20 August 2012


India ink with watercolor highlights

Here is another OC of mine from a story called "The Sovereign".  Essentially, she is a Dragon Priestess who is capable of wielding liquid dragon fire.  Needless to say, it is definitely a sword & sorcery type of tale.  This particular project is on the back burner, unfortunately,  but I still find myself doodling a sketch of Maynke every now & again :)

Speaking of sketches, that is what this one started off as: a 2" x 3" little sketch.  I used a photocopier to enlarge the image to fit a 9" x 12" paper & used the pencil lines a little differently than normal, resulting in a more sleek look to the hair.  Please note that the image is cut off at the top & bottom, and some of the jagged/broken lines are due to using a 300dpi scanner :(

PLEASE NOTE: This is more anime-style than it is my regular style.  The two tend to merge, even when I don't want them to :/

The disclaimer:  All copyrights to Maynke & to the above image are mine :)

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