Monday, 29 October 2012

Lady Venom

Lady Venom
Water color & india ink
November 2009

What better time than a couple days shy of Halloween to post about a monstrous character, no? :)

By far, Lady Venom is my most popular piece, standing at over 30K views over at DeviantArt.  I received several comments that my design inspired others to create their own & there just ISN'T a bigger compliment!!  All this for fulfilling a drawing request!

Also known as "She Venom", "Bride of Venom", "Venom Girl" or "Female Venom" - a suit made up of a living entity is pure fun to draw, so many options!  I am currently trying to revisit the character, but am having trouble doing so - honestly, the success of this piece made me a little unsure of my future pieces!!  Time for a good dose of self confidence - got any to spare...?

DSICLAIMER: While this incarnation of Venom is not based on a particular character, the symbiote & "Venom" are © Marvel Comics/Disney.  Art by yours truly, costume design based on original Venom costume with some fun tweaks - I like the little mouth in the hair :)


  1. This is brilliant. I love the venom creature thingy coming out of her hair. Please tell me you are doing the art in comics and graphic novels.

    Looked over your work on this blog, and it is legit stunning. As a comic reader, the artwork is the most important medium, I usually buy comic sand graphic novels based on how it looks. If your not already, I have to say you belong in the comic industry.

    I'd buy whatever you put out instantly. Solely based on the look.

    Also keep playing with this concept of lady venom. I'd personally like to see an action shot- maybe her fighting Spider-Man or a female rendition of spider man? Keep it up! :)

    1. ...

      ...thank you SO MUCH!! What an amazingly glorious compliment, I'm utterly at a loss for words!!

      I'm not currently involved in comics, tho I do have a few connections with the industry & offers of collaborations - so maybe one day! I'm more focussed on commissions/pin-ups right now but sequential art would be an absolute blast to soon as I learn to draw guys better, that is :)

      I do hope to revisit Lady Venom again. She was an absolute blast to draw & the symbiote suit adds so much variety to what can be done. An action shot would be glorious to attempt...I think I shall be adding that to my "To Do" list :)

      Thanks again so very much for your comment, I am absolutely glowing!! *wishes I could give you a great big bear hug!*