Friday, 7 August 2015

Perished Pixies & A Long Overdue Update

Oh, wow, 2 years?!
I'll be honest, I have exactly 0 excuses.  I dropped the ball & gravity and/or procrastination kept it there.

 I have a couple of pieces on the go - or perhaps more accurately, a couple of pieces waiting to go.  The 12 Houses of Gemworld pieces are still sitting at finished final pencils stage, as is She-Ra vs Amethyst & a doll-style Dark Phoenix.  A doll reroot was completed earlier this year, too.  I've had many ideas flitting in and out of my brain, but no real finished results.  Soon.  Maybe...

I had ventured into a little side project for a while called "Perished Pixies".  Basically, they are little dead faerie ornaments and though they were time consuming, they were a lot of fun!  Working with miniatures was new to me.  Here are a few examples:

Perished Pixie of the Blood Red Sky - 2012
Perished Pixie of the Violet Light - 2012
Perished Pixie of the Meadow Stream - 2012

Perished Pixies
Plastic, feathers, cloth, rhinestones, crystals, flowers, glue, wire, string, beads, glass, paint

Perished Pixie of the Blood Red Sky's wings took me over 12 hours of sewing & placement.  Needless to say, I didn't make too many of that style.  I have also since changed her little bead to an actual rainbow crystal sphere.  (On average, these little figures take me between 5-20 hours)

These make pretty sweet additions to a Halloween display.  Putting them inside large jars makes a nice effect.  The only thing is that the glue shows up under a black light :/  Ah well.

The disclaimer: These are characters of my own creation, as is the name "Perished Pixies".